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How can I register for DSC Loyalty Program?

To register for DSC Loyalty program, you have to create a customer account at then place an order. Once this order is completed successfully, you will be automatically registered for DSC Loyalty. SMS notification will be sent to your registered mobile number.

I am already a DSC Loyalty member; how can I use my loyalty points online at

If you already have a DSC account, simply login to your account (with loyalty registered mobile no) and start using DSC Loyalty. If you are an existing DSC Loyalty member but do not have an account at, simply create an account at with loyalty registered mobile number.

How many points do I get and how much discount do I get per loyalty point?

You will be awarded 1 loyalty point per spending of Rs. 100. So, if you place an order for Rs.3000, you will get 30 loyalty points. While redeeming your loyalty points, each loyalty point is equivalent to Rs.1. Amount paid for shipping charges will not be included in the loyalty points.

How can I check my current available loyalty points?

Login to your account then go to My Account -> Loyalty Points by clicking ‘My Account’ icon on top header.

How can I redeem loyalty points online at

During checkout (on payment method screen) you will be provided with an option to redeem your loyalty points.

I did not get loyalty points for my order at

Please make sure that the order was placed while you were signed in to your account. Orders placed as ‘Guest Checkout’ are not eligible for DSC Loyalty points. Loyalty points for eligible orders are automatically added once the order is marked as ‘Complete’ in the system. Please note that online orders placed before 18-03-2023 are not eligible for loyalty points.

I placed my order at, but for delivery I provided different mobile number, will I get loyalty points for this order?

Yes, as long as order was placed while you were logged in, you will get loyalty points. You are free to provide different mobile number for delivery.

Will my loyalty points expire if I do not use my points for a certain time period?

Currently there is no expiry period. Your loyalty points will remain active.

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