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Blatta Orientalis

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Blatta Orientalis M.T 20 ml

BLATTA ORIENTALIS (Indian Cockroach)???

Blatta orientalis is a renowned remedy for Asthma. Blatta orientalis is indicated well especially when asthma is associated with bronchitis (infection of lining of bronchial tube that carries air to and from the lungs). Blatta is indicated after arsenic when this is insufficient. Conditions like cough with breathless in bronchitis and phthisis (T.B.) have shown great results with blatta orientalis.. It acts best in stout and corpulent patients and the malarial cases or cases worse in rainy weather. Blatta orientalis has cases in which suffocation was threatened by great accumulation of mucus. Blatta orientalis was found accidently to relieve asthma in a patient who took tea in which a beetle had been infused; it has since proved to have a wide range in asthmatic cases.

Generalities??- Obesity.

– Worse Cold, wet weather.


– Asthma and bronchitis in corpulent, robust people.

– DYSPNEA (Breathlessness) Worse slight exertion

-Patient expel out much pus like mucous.

– Problems aggravate humid and cold seasons and exertion e.g. walking in a forest, in autumn, rainy weather.

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