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Dr. Reckeweg R12 Arteriosclerosis Drops



Information about Dr. Reckeweg R12 Arteriosclerosis Drops

Dr. ReckewegR12 Arteriosclerosis Drops is a homeopathic medicine  It addresses the issues of general (thickening and hardening of the walls of the arteries), hypertonia (abnormal increase in muscle tension and a reduced ability of a muscle to stretch) and cerebral arteriosclerosis.

Size: 22 ml

Product Origin: Germany

Key Benefits:

  • It helps to cure from General arteriosclerosis and hypertonia. Cerebral arteriosclerosis, aortic and coronary sclerosis, nephrosclerosis, dysbasia, abdominal dysphagia. Senility, weak memory, congestion of blood, vertigo, forgetfulness, tendency towards apoplexy and its consequences, predisposition to goitre, thyrotoxicosis.



  • Arnica
  • Aurum chloratum
  • Barium chlorat.
  • Conium
  • Iodates:
  • Glonoin.
  • Phosphor.
  • Plumbum aceticum


Directions for uses:

  • Generally 10-15 drops three times daily, in some water. In acute cases, in the beginning of the treatment, 4-6 times daily.
  • After improvement (taking 2-3 weeks) continue the treatment for a longer period of time once or twice a day.
  • During the treatment the use of salt should be forbidden and only be allowed in small quantities after improvement has set in.
  • In predisposition to goitre and thyrotoxicosis, a treatment of 10-15 drops once a day for about 4-6 weeks is recommended, and should be repeated at intervals of one month.
  • In apoplexy, frequent doses in the beginning, at the rate of 10-15 drops every 1-2 hours, then 4-6 times a day 10-15 drops.

Safety Information

  • Read the label carefully before use.
  • Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Additional Information


Arnica D 3, Arsen. jodat. D 4, Aurum chlorat. D 6, Barium chlorat. D 4, Calcium jodat. D 3, Conium D 5, Glonoinum D 6, Kalium jodat. D 3, Plumbum acetic. D 6, Phosphorus D 5.

Mode of action:

Extended iodine therapy by using different iodates in combination with active biologic elements.

Arnica: Tendency towards apoplexy, favors resorption at the beginning of an apoplectic stroke.

Aurum chloratum: Depressive psychosis. Congestion of blood towards the head. Palpitation.

Barium chlorat.: Progressive loss of memory, unsteadiness and psychic changes, vertigo, deafness and senility.

Conium: Vertigo, loss of memory, impotency.

Iodates: Increasing viscosity of bloods, acts on the thyroid glands, hypertonia and general arteriosclerosis.

Glonoin.: Congestions in head, strong pulse, oppression in chest and heart.

Phosphor.: Vertigo, especially on rising, congestion of blood, loss of memory, psychic changes, general weakness of nervous system and hypersensitivity.

Plumbum aceticum: Pale hypertension with mental dementia. Nephrosclerosis with consequences of apoplexy. Intermittent limping.


  • In simultaneous cardial weakness, use alternatively R 12 and R 3, each one 2-3 times daily.
  • In myocardial infarct: see R 67 and R 2.
  • In angina pectoris: alternative with R 2.
  • In cardiac insufficiencies: see R 3.
  • In cardiac decompensation: R 58.
  • In vertigo: alternative with R 29.
  • In intermittent claudication, peripheral vascular disturbances,etc: see R63



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