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Dr. Reckeweg R17 Forte Glandular Enlargement Ampoules



Information about Dr. Reckeweg R-17 FORTE AMPOULES

Dr. Reckeweg R-17 FORTE AMPOULES is a homeopathic medicine commonly indicated to treat Tissue growths, Scales, Warts, Eczema, Rashes

Size: 12 x 10 ml

Product Origin: Germany

Key Benefits:

  •  It helps to treat all tumours, malignant or benign, carcinomata. Regenerator of diseased
    tissues (tuberculous ulceration).
  • It helps to cure Growths and eczema affecting external and internal organs.
  • It helps to cure Inflammatory and trophic rashes. Anomalous epithelial growths, formation of scales
    and warts.


     Key Ingredients:

  • Acid. lact.
  • Naja trip.
  • Scrophularia nodosa


Direction for use:

  • One ampoule twice daily.R-17, 15 drops three times daily, and one inject daily.
  • Use for at least two months

Safety Information

  • Read the label carefully before use.
  • Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Additional Information


Acidum lacticum D 4, Naja tripudians D 6, Scrophularia nod. D 2, Ethanol, Aqua pur.

Mode of action:

  • Acid. lact.: Cancerous pullulation in all tissues. Regenerator of diseased tissues (formation of tuberculous tumours). Affections of the serous skin, the muscles and the mucous membranes. In tumours the surrounding skin is swollen with slow formation of pus. Patient is excited, cannot sleep.
    Tuberculosis of the larynx. Vertigo and pulsations with irritations of the eyes and ears. Articulations
    are swollen and stiff.
  •  Naja trip.: Regenerator of diseased tissues, suppresses carcinomatous growths, increases the defensive forces of the organism. Skin swellings caused by tumours and eschars, slow formation of pus, attenuation and diminution of pus.
  • Scrophularia nodosa: Carcinomata, glandular swellings of a cancerous nature. Appearance of malignant and benign lumps in the breast, growing slowly into tumours. Stomach ulcers with a cancerous tendency. Myomae, uterine carcinomata, epithelial and scirrhous tumours.


  • The remedy is meant to be a supplementary medication in the treatment of malignancy.
  • It is advisable to administer R 17 post-operatively or after radiation therapy since it has been observed to improve the patient’s general sense of well-being.
  • Severe pains in advanced stages of malignancy are frequently eased by the use of R 17.
  • Involvement of the femal psomeorgans: additionally R 38, respectively R 39.
  • In anaemia: additionally R 31.
  • In diseases of the prostate: see R 25.
  • To stimulate hepatic function: additionally R 7, 10-15 drops once daily.


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