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Dr. Reckeweg R76 Asthma Forte Drops



Information about Dr Reckeweg R76 Asthma forte Drop

Dr Reckeweg R76 Asthma Forte Drop is a homeopathic formulation  used for the treatment of Asthma in children & Adults.

Size: 22 ml

Product Origin: Germany

Key Benefits:

  • It is used in management of asthma and other breathing disorders
  • Therapeutic support for constitutional asthma


Key Ingredients:

  • Aconitum
  • Ammi visnaga
  • Convallaria majalis
  • Drosera
  • Ephedrinum hydrochloricum
  • Kalium jodatum
  • Lobelia inflata
  • Mentholum
  • Stramonium


Directions For Use:

  • 3 times daily 20 drops in some water.
  • In case of attack 10 drops every 5-10 minutes.

Safety Information

  • Read the label carefully before use.
  • Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Additional Information


  • Aconitum D3, Ammi visnaga D2, Convallaria majalis D1, Drosera D1,Ephedrinum hydrochloricum D2, Kalium jodatum D3, Lobelia inflata D3,Mentholum D2, Stramonium D3, Ethanol, Aqua pur.

Mode of action:

  • As a prolonged cure “Asthma forte ” has a favorable influence on the constitution of asthmatic dispositioned persons.
  • Aconitum: Stabbing pain in the chest, feeling of anxiety, thanatophobia, cough gasping and dry, sensation of constriction of chest.
  • Ammi visnaga: Circulation disorders, cardiac affections.
  • Convallaria majalis: Marked respiratory distress, auricular flutter, stabbing pain in the chest.
  • Drosera: Asthma convulsivum with cyanosis and vomiting.
  • Ephedrinum hydrochloricum: Dyspnoea, disorder of breathing, asthmathoide bronchitis, asthma bronhiale.
  • Kalium jodatum: Conditions of weakness of curative forces.
  • Lobelia inflata: Asthma bronchiale, spasmodic cough.
  •  Mentholum: Reliefs breathing.
  • Stramonium: Sensation of constriction within the chest, wheezing respiration.


  • In case of bronchial-catarrh additional use of R 48 is recommended, if larynx is affected use additionally R 45.
  • In case of cardiac insufficiency R 3,
  • In case of angina pectoris R 2,
  • As sedative use R 14 and Vita-C 15
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