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Ammonium Mur


Information about Dr. Reckeweg Ammonium Mur

Ammonium muriaticum is also known as sal ammoniac or ammonium chloride. It is a chemical compound with the chemical formula NH4Cl.

Ammonium Muriaticum is a remedy that is prepared from ammonium chloride. This solution is versatile because it is useful in the treatment of many diseases. It is useful in ailments like asthma, fever, voice hoarseness, etc. It helps in reducing respiratory ailments like dry cough, rattling of mucus and burning sensation in throat.

Product Origin: Germany

Key uses/benefits:

  • It is effective for coryza with watery and acrid discharge that corrodes the lips.
  • It is useful for menstrual troubles, including vomiting and diarrhea during menses, neuralgic pains in the feet, night flow, and bloody discharge from the bowels.
  • It addresses constipation with profuse flatus, hard stools that crumble at the verge of the anus, varying in color, and requiring great effort in expulsion.
  • It is beneficial for hemorrhoids with soreness, smarting, burning, and stinging in the rectum after stools.
  • It is indicated for leucorrhoea resembling egg white, preceded by griping pain about the navel, or brown, slimy, and painless after urination.
  • it is effective for rheumatic problems, including pain in joints and hamstring as if from shortening of the muscles.
  • It alleviates sensation of coldness in the back between scapulae.
  • It is useful for cough associated with catarrhs and liver affections.



Directions of Use:

  • As directed by your Physician

Safety Information


Safety Information:

  • Read the label carefully before use.
  • Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Additional Information

Additional information about Ammonium Mur

This remedy has a specific action on the outlets of the body where the mucous membrane and skin meet with pain as if from splinters, which appears and disappears quickly. It is indicated for blisters and ulcers in mouth, tongue and genitals which bleed easily. The discharges from the body are very offensive, especially urine, feces, and perspiration.

Ammonium muriaticum therapeutic range of actions as per Boericke Materia Medica

Mind.–Melancholy, apprehensive; like from internal grief. Desire to cry, but cannot. Consequences of grief.

Head.–Hair falls out, with itchings and dandruff. Feels full, compressed; worse mornings.

Eyes.–Mist before eyes, optical illusions in incipient cataract; capsular cataract.

Nose.–Free acrid, hot watery discharge corroding the lip. Sneezing. Nose sore to touch; ulcerative pain in nostrils. Loss of smell. Obstructed, stuffy feeling; constant and unavailing efforts to blow it out. Itching.

Face.–Inflammatory face-ache. Mouth and lips sore and excoriated.

Throat.–Throbbing in, and swelling of tonsils, can scarcely swallow. Sore spot behind uvula, relieved by eating. Internal and external swelling of throat with viscid phlegm. So touch, it cannot be hawked up. Tonsillitis. Stricture of œsophagus.

Stomach.–Thirst for lemonade, regurgitation of food, bitter waterbrash. Nausea. Gnawing in stomach. Epigastric pain immediately after eating. Cancer of stomach.

Abdomen.–Splenic stitches, especially in the morning, with difficult breathing. Pain around navel. Abdominal symptoms appear during pregnancy. Chronic congestion of liver. Excessive fatty deposit around abdomen. Much flatus. Strained feeling in groin.

Rectum.–Itching and hæmorrhoids, soreness with pustules. Hard, crumbly stool, or covered with glairy mucus. Stinging in perineum. Green mucus stools alternate with constipation. During and after stool, burning and smarting in rectum. Hæmorrhoids after suppressed leucorrhœa.

Female.–Menses too early, too free, dark, clotted; flow more at night. Pain as if sprained in left side of abdomen during pregnancy. Diarrhœa, greenish mucous stools, and navel pain during menses. Leucorrhœa, like white of an egg (Alum; Bor; Calc p); with pain about the navel; brown, slimy after every urination.

Respiratory.–Hoarseness and burning in larynx. Dry, hacking, scraping cough; worse lying on back or right side. Stitches in chest. Cough loose in afternoon, with profuse expectoration and rattling of mucus. Oppression of chest. Burning at small spots in chest. Scanty secretion. Cough with profuse salivation.

Back.–Icy coldness between shoulders; not relieved by warm covering, followed by itching. Bruised pain in coccyx when sitting. Backache, as if in a vise when sitting.

Extremities.–Pain as from ulceration in finger tips. Shooting and tearing in tips of finger and toes. Ulcerative pain in heels. Contraction of hamstring tendons. Sciatica, worse sitting, better lying. Neuralgic pain in amputated limbs. Offensive sweaty feet. Pain in feet during menses.

Skin.–Itching, generally evenings. Blisters on various parts. Intense burning better cold applications.

Fever.–Chilliness evenings after lying down and on awakening, without thirst. Heat in palms and soles. Sub acute, low fevers due to unhealthy climate. Lowest potencies.

Modalities.–Better, open air. Worse, head and chest symptoms in the morning; abdominal symptoms in the afternoon.

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