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Arum triphyllum


Information about Dr. Reckeweg Arum triphyllum

Arum Triphyllum a homoeopathic remedy that is prepared from the plant Triphyllum.

Product Origin: Germany

Key uses/benefits:

  • It relieves acrid symptoms in various ailments.
  • It eases headache and sore, obstructed nose.
  • It addresses mouth breathing and nosebleeds with mucus.
  • It soothes chapped, burning lips and foul-smelling saliva.
  • It reduces swelling in glands and alleviates red skin with rashes.



Directions of Use:

  • As directed by your Physician

Safety Information


Safety Information:

  • Read the label carefully before use.
  • Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Additional Information

Additional information about Arum triphyllum

Arum triphyllum therapeutic range of actions as per Boericke Materia Medica

Arum maculatum, Italicum, Dracontium, have the same action as the Triphyllum. They all contain an irritant poison, causing inflammation of mucous surfaces and destruction of tissue. Acridity is the keynote of the kind of action characteristic of Arum.

Head.–Bores head in pillow. Headache from too warm clothing, from hot coffee.

Eyes.–Quivering of upper eyelids, especially left.

Nose.–Soreness of nostrils. Acrid, excoriating discharge, producing raw sores. Nose obstructed; must breathe through mouth. Boring in the nose. Coryza; discharge blood-streaked, watery. Nose completely stopped, with fluent, acrid discharge. Hay-fever, with pain over root of nose. Large scabs high up on right side of nose. Face feels chapped, as if from cold wind; feels hot. Constant picking at nose until it bleeds.

Mouth.–Raw feeling at roof and palate. Lips and soft palate sore and burning. Lips chapped and burning. Corners of mouth sore and cracked. Tongue red, sore; whole mouth raw. Picking lips until they bleed. Saliva profuse, acrid, corroding.

Throat.–Swelling of sub-maxillary glands. Constricted and swollen; burns; raw. Constant hawking. Hoarseness. Expectoration of much mucus. Lungs feel sore. Clergyman’s sore throat. Voice uncertain, uncontrollable. Worse, talking, singing.

Skin.–Scarlet rash; raw, bloody surfaces anywhere. Impetigo contagiosa.

Modalities.–Worse, northwest wind; lying down.

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