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Baryta Carbonica


Information about Dr. Reckeweg Baryta Carbonica

Baryta Carbonica is a Homoeopathic remedy prepared from the Carbonate of Baryta and is frequently indicated in infancy and in old age.

Product Origin: Germany

Key uses/benefits:

  • It is effective in treating tonsillitis, especially recurrent cases.
  • It is suitable for old individuals with degenerative changes associated with aging.
  • Supportive in children with stunted physical and mental development, lack of interest in play, memory loss.
  • It alleviates symptoms of coryza with swelling of the upper lip and nose.
  • It is used in abdominal hardness and tension with distension.
  • It is useful in swelling of glands with suppuration, becoming hard, including painful and swollen glands around the ears.



Directions of Use:

  • As directed by your Physician

Safety Information


Safety Information:

  • Read the label carefully before use.
  • Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Additional Information

Additional information about Baryta Carbonica

Baryta Carbonica therapeutic range of actions as per Boericke Materia Medica

Specially indicated in infancy and old age. This remedy brings aid to scrofulous children, especially if they are backward mentally and physically, are dwarfish, do not grow and develop, have scrofulous ophthalmia, have swollen abdomen, take cold easily, and then always have swollen tonsils.

Mind.–Loss of memory, mental weakness. Irresolute. Lost confidence in himself. Senile dementia. Confusion. Bashful. Aversion to strangers. Childish; grief over trifles.

Head.–Vertigo; stitches, when standing in the sun, extending through the head. The brain feels loose. Hair falls out. Confusion. Wens.

Eyes.–Alternate dilatation and contraction of pupils. Photophobia. Gauze before eyes. Cataracts (Calc; Phos; Sil).

Ears.–Hardness of hearing. Crackling noise. Glands around the ears are painful and swollen. Reverberation on blowing nose.

Nose.–Dry; sneezing; coryza, with swelling of upper lip and nose. The sensation of smoke in the nose. Discharge of thick, yellow mucus. Frequent bleeding. Scabs around the wings of the nose.

Face.–Pale, puffed; sensation as of cobweb (Alumina). Upper lip swollen.

Mouth.–Awakes with dry mouth. Gums bleed and retract. Teeth ache before menses. Mouth filled with inflamed vesicles, foul taste. Paralysis of the tongue. Smarting, burning pain in the tip of the tongue. Dribbling of saliva at dawn. Spasm of œsophagus when food enters.

Throat.–Submaxillary glands and tonsils swollen. Takes cold easily, with stitches and smarting pain. Quinsy. Suppurating tonsils from every cold. Tonsils inflamed, with swollen veins. Smarting pain when swallowing; worse empty swallowing. The feeling of a plug in the pharynx. Can only swallow liquids. Spasms of the œsophagus as soon as food enters the œsophagus cause gagging and choking (Merc cor; Graphite). Throat troubles from overuse of voice. Stinging pain in tonsils, pharynx, or larynx.

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