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Palladium Met


Information about Dr. Reckeweg Palladium

Palladium This is an ovarian remedy producing the symptoms of chronic inflammation in the ovary. It is useful where the functional tissue is not completely destroyed, motor weakness, aversion to exercise and acts on the skin and mind.

Product Origin: Germany

Key uses/benefits:

  • It is useful in complaints of ovary, where in inflammation has set in, swellings.
  • Undressing causes itching all over body.
  • Cutting pains in uterus are better after stool.
  • Headache across the head from ear to ear.
  • Coughing and sneezing worse pain in abdomen.
  •  Treats sadness, cheerful when around people but exhausted later, love for acceptance easily offended with the tendency to use violent language.
  •  As reported, the remedy covers pain across the top of the head, neuralgia with pain in the shoulders, irritation and sour eructation and yellowish complexion.
  •  The remedy cures soreness and swelling, pain from navel to pelvis, intestines feel entangles and excessive accumulation of gas.
  •  It covers pain and swelling in right ovary, navel and breast, menstrual discharge, inflammation in the membrane with right-sided pain and backache, uterine prolapse and pain in the uterus which is relieved after stool.



Directions of Use:

  • As directed by your Physician

Safety Information


Safety Information:

  • Read the label carefully before use.
  • Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Additional Information

Palladium as per Boericke Materia Medica

An ovarian remedy; produces the symptom-complex of chronic Oophoritis. Useful where the parenchyma of the gland is not totally destroyed. Acts also on mind and skin. Motor weakness, averse to exercise.

Mind.-Weeping mood. Love of approbation. Pride; easily offended. Inclined to use violent language. Keeps up brightly when in company, much exhausted afterwards, and pains aggravated.

Head.–Feels as if swung backward and forward. Temporo-parietal neuralgia with pain in shoulder. Pain across top of head from ear to ear; worse after an evening’s entertainment, with irritability and sour eructations. Sallow complexion.

Abdomen.–Shooting pain from navel to pelvis. Sensation as if intestines were bitten off. Intestines feel strangulated. Soreness of abdomen, swelling in right groin. Flatulency.

Female.–Uterine prolapse and retroversion. Subacute pelvic peritonitis, with right-sided pain and backache; menorrhagia. Cutting pain in uterus; relieved after stool. Pain and swelling in region of right ovary. Shooting or burning pain in pelvis and bearing-down; relieved by rubbing. Soreness and shooting pain from navel of breast. Glairy leucorrhœa. Menstrual discharge while nursing. Stitches in right breast near nipple. It is indicated in that gynæcological condition where the disease had its inception in the right ovary, the uterine prolapse and retroversion, the subacute pelvic peritonitis and concomitant symptoms being secondary (F. Aguilar, M. D).

Extremities.--Pruritus. Tired feeling in small of back. Fleeting, neuralgic pains in extremities, Heavy and tired in limbs. Darting pain from toes to hips. Rheumatic pain in right shoulder; in right hip. Sciatica.

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